Concerto Piano provides piano tuning and repair services throughout Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife and most of the Central Belt of Scotland.

Piano Tuning Piano Tuning

I tune all types of pianos. Whether it is grand, an upright, or a spinet, I will tune it to a high standard. I’m passionate about good sound and balanced harmonies, so you can expect a piano tuning as accurate as possible on the particular instrument. Piano tuning by ear I tune pianos by ear. […]

Regulating Regulating

Piano regulating is the regular maintenance of the action. Every piano has an action which is a sophisticated mechanical machine, with dozens of moving parts, and thus needs maintenance time to time. Some of those moving parts can deform, ware out, or even tear or brake. You will notice that some of they keys may […]

Piano Repair Piano Repair

There are many parts on a piano that can break. Whether it is a tired part in the action, or a string, it can happen time to time. Pianos usually last for a long time, but the wear of individual parts is normal. With my piano repair service I can repair various common faults, and […]

From the Blog

5 Nov 2018

A word about tuning by electronic tuner vs ear.


Recently, I was called up by a piano owner saying that although her piano wasn’t tuned long ago, she wasn’t happy with it, so she called me. On site she explained that the piano was tuned by someone staring at his phone all the way, just following the needle, not interval checks, or anything. I […]

30 Oct 2018

Ready to go!


Exciting times! Relocation is never easy. Or, if I put it bluntly: I simply hate moving. When it is over 400 miles, I hate it even more. But now it’s all done; I have settled in. I’m out tuning for my first Glasgow client this Friday. Scotland, here I come!

21 Aug 2018

Concerto Piano now in Scotland


Dear Clients, I am relocating to Scotland shortly. As you can see, my website now offers appointments in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and areas to the North of the Forth. Leaving London was a tough decision to make, but I am confident that Scotland is the right choice for both my business and my family. London clients, […]


What my customers have been saying.

  • Tamas tuned my Kemble piano to concert pitch. It was more than half a semitone out.
    I’d moved house and it hadn’t been tuned I’m afraid for a few years.
    all done now and sounds like brand new. Despite spending two hours on tuning, the price was very reasonable . I am very satisfied.

    - M. K. /Glasgow/
  • Punctual, friendly and highly skilled. Tamas breathed new life into my slightly tired and out of tune upright. Would not hesitate to recommend his services.

    - J. P. /Edinburgh/
  • Very pleased with the tuning results. Tamás is very professional and made my piano sound beautiful again. I would definitely recommend him to any student or professional. A.G (Piano Tutor)

    - A. G. /Edinburgh/

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Piano tuning services are available in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife and most of the Central Belt of Scotland.