My name is Tamás Szabó.

Tamas at the pianoI’m based in Edinburgh, where I have recently moved to after living in London for the past 12 years. I was born in Hungary, where my story begins. I’m from a musician family: my father is a oboe and core d’anglais player, and my mother is a piano teacher. I grew up with all sorts of instruments around me. I studied the flute as my primary instrument for over 15 years, while I also play a bit on the piano, the guitar and the recorder. During my studies I went through extensive musical education, including music theory.

I learned my skill in a family friend’s piano workshop, helping out with tuning and various repair jobs.  Although I chose a different path with my university studies (I majored in English linguistics and English music history)  I have always been an active musician and I have been singing with various fine choirs, including Tredici in London.

I founded Concerto Piano, my piano technician business in London in 2017 when I was looking for a new challenge in my life, having been busy in the fields of hotel IT and web design. At the age of 35 I felt the urge to leave the computers behind a bit (after doing my own website, of course!) and get back closer to the world of music.

To refresh my piano-related knowledge I successfully completed a piano technician course at the Piano Technician Academy, and I now work as certified piano technician covering most of the Central Belt of Scotland.