10 Mar 2018

Bookings for April


My April schedule has shaped up, so you can now see and book my available appointments by visiting online bookings. Please remember that the slots I offer are usually flexible, depending where I am arriving from. Any special requests, just leave a note in the message section if the booking form.

1 Feb 2018

A seasoned baby grand in North London


This piano is not a new one for sure. It has been serving a church choir for many decades now. When time came for tuning, we took the opportunity to do some repairs on it, as well as regulating the action a bit. By the way, the piano has a simplex action, adding to the […]

23 Jan 2018

Availability for February & March 2018


Dear All, I have now uploaded my vacant appointments for February and March, so you can book online. I have clients who book by phone, or in person, so don’t leave your bookings to the last minute as the desired time slot my disappear. All the best, Tamas

22 Oct 2017

Acoustic, or digital? – The eternal question


The acoustic versus digital questions has debated many many times before, and my opinion as a piano tech won’t come as a surprise. One might say, digitals are better, as they never go out of tune. Fair enough. But still, are they real? While I certainly enjoyed trying good digital ones, that can fake the […]