Piano RepairThere are many parts on a piano that can break. Whether it is a tired part in the action, or a string, it can happen time to time. Pianos usually last for a long time, but the wear of individual parts is normal. With my piano repair service I can repair various common faults, and if there are parts needed, I can usually order them for you. Due to my recent relocation to Scotland I do not currently have a workshop. As result I can only take up repair jobs that can be done on site.

Services include
      • replacing broken strings
      • repairing pedal mechanisms
      • piano cleaning
      • hammer voicing

      Get in touch if you have discovered any problems, and we can discuss what can be done.

      Please note that online bookings are not available for piano repair appointments, as the duration of the work is difficult to predict.

      Send me an e-mail with the details for a quote.

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