Piano tuningI tune all types of pianos. Whether it is grand, an upright, or a spinet, I will tune it to a high standard. I’m passionate about good sound and balanced harmonies, so you can expect a piano tuning as accurate as possible on the particular instrument.

Piano tuning by ear

I tune pianos by ear. This called aural tuning, and it requires a good ear, and substantial experience. While computers are very good in determining the exact frequency of a note, they won’t ever know what sounds pleasant to the human ear. I tune for humans.1

The duration of a tuning will depend on the piano. Instruments that are tuned often, would normally need a fine tuning once every six month. A tuning in this case would take an hour and a half. Pianos that haven’t been seen by a tuner for a longer time will usually need a pitch raise. This process involves one or more rough tuning followed by the final tuning, and the process take around two to two and a half hours.

Standard piano tuning: £50-60
Pitch raise (per increment): £40

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[1] When your piano needs a pitch raise, I may use a chromatic tuner to speed up the process. But I will still carry out the fine tuning by ear.