Confirmation of appointments

Appointments booked online are not confirmed until you receive a booking confirmation by e-mail. I aim to confirm all bookings within 12 hours. Please note that I may need to ask to adjust the time of your appointment, depending on the distance I need to travel between appointments.

Confirmed appointments

I do my utmost to get to you on time for your confirmed appointment. Delays at previous appointments, or transport difficulties may hold me back. In those cases I aim to communicate my updated ETA as soon as possible.

Refused tunings

If your piano is in a condition that is not tunable, I will inform you as soon as I can. In most cases, this becomes evident in the first 10 minutes. If the piano is not tunable, I charge a £25 call-out fee to cover my transport expenses.

Liability of damage

If I asses that tuning your piano is a risk to the instrument for any reason (rusty strings and tuning pins, cracked soundboard, etc.) I will inform you prior to tuning. I will need your consent to proceed.

Payment policy

I accept cash, cheque and bank transfer payments. If you are a limited company, or a registered charity, I can invoice you. In this case payment is due within 15 days of invoice date.

Privacy Policy

I collect certain personal data in order to operate my business. Here you can find information how, and why your data is collected, how it is stored and how and when it is used. This section also explains what control you have over your data.

How data is collected

  • By means of online bookings,
  • or by means of other bookings of appointments (telephone, e-mail, etc).

What sort of data is collected

For my business to operate efficiently, and to be able to comply with HMRC self-assessment requirements I need to store data including

  • name,
  • contact details (including e-mail, telephone and address),
  • information about your piano, should you choose to provide that.

How data is stored

  • Data collected on this website is stored with my hosting provider, TSO Host Ltd.
  • Some of your data is also stored in Wave Apps for accounting purposes.
  • Your data may also be saved as part of website backups, stored on a server operating in my home.

How your data is used

  • I  pass none of your personal details onto any third parties whatsoever.
  • I use your data to comply with HMRC requirements.
  • I may contact you once in every six month to remind you about you piano tuning being due.

What control you have over your data

You may at any point ask for your personal details to be removed from my databases, and to opt out from any tuning reminders. You can notify me at

Please note that I may need to retain some of your data for a limited time in order to comply with HMRC self-assessment requirements.